Heidi Fires Everyone

Heidi Fires Everyone - Tropfest 2013 Official Shortlist

Heidi Ferguson, Human Resources Manager. Putting the conflict in “conflict resolution”.

Heidi Fires Everyone is a satirical short that takes aim at the Kafkaesque world of human resources. The film has been a cathartic hit with two demographics: anyone who's ever had to deal with HR, and anyone who's in HR. So...everybody.

Join Heidi as she attempts to fire every single employee in a single day, starting with Australian film legend Bill Young (The Matrix, Chopper, The Great Gatsby).

Shortlisted for the Tropfest Short Film Festival (Australia)
Broadcast on SBS TV 
Screened at Sydney Underground Film Festival 






Production Design


Sound Design





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Nikos Andronicos & James McFay

Nikos Andronicos, James McFay & Anthony Levin

Tania Frampton & Nikos Andronicos

Bruce Young

Dave Carter

Nikos Andronicos

Wes Chew / Sonar Sound

James McFay, Bill Young, Maya Stange, Ben Wood, Andrea Demetriades, Troy Planet, Henry Stone, Sam Campbell, Damien Timms, Anand Rajan, Andrew Johnston, Kathy Luu, Natasha Magi, Nikos Andronicos, Jak Wyld & Dan Ilic

Short film  /  7 minutes  / Arri Alexa  / 16:9  / Stereo

Heidi Fires Everyone at SBS TV
Heidi Fires Everyone at Sydney Underground Film Festival
Heidi Fires Everyone at IMDb