Who We Are

Backseat Rebel is a production company based in Sydney, Australia, helmed by me: Nikos Andronicos.

We make entertainment that's brave, interesting and irreverent, across a wide range of media: from feature films and TV series to documentaries, animations, branded content and web films.

As a producer, I specialise in bringing together great combinations of great talent, drawing on the awesome network of creative powerhouses I've worked with over the years. I always aim to create projects that have a strong voice, and I deliver them on time and on budget. 

As a director, my focus is on performance. That means I'm mostly interested in creating a trusting environment where my actors can experiment, which gives them a fighting chance to turn out memorable, surprising performances. 

The Team

Equally, I enjoy working with film technicians to build immersive worlds. As a sometime composer for the screen, I'm particularly big on pushing the envelope in sound and music design. 

I'm also a busy screenwriter. I try to make sure all my work conforms to the Raymond Chandler principle that something interesting ought to happen on every half-page, or the audience is going to get antsy. I am brutal when it comes to flab, but I also believe in protecting some of the pointy edges: the weird bits, the oddities, the inconsistencies - sometimes they're what makes the thing stick. My writing activities also extend to script editing and leading writers' rooms.  

All in all, Backseat Rebel is the umbrella under which I can work as a hands-on creative producer. The job of production is not just a matter of spreadsheets and schedules, but a hot-blooded activity that should always connect the logistics with the vision.