Who We Are

Backseat Rebel is a production company based in Sydney, Australia, helmed by me: Nikos Andronicos.

We specialise in comedy and satire and have done so in many forms - feature film, TV, animation, documentary, branded, web - in both scripted and non-scripted, narrative and non-narrative, rude and grandma-friendly. 

We strive to make tight, challenging, single-minded stuff. Tight, because we get bored easily. Challenging, because comedy is meant to make you think as well as laugh. And single-minded, because so it should be.

The talented teams we put together are mostly friends who have collaborated for years, which means we can all communicate in an amazing shorthand that allows us to skip to the good work faster. Also, it means no one has to tiptoe around telling each other when something’s not good enough. In a heaps lovely way, of course. 


The Team

Our focus is on shepherding a strong vision from the mind’s eye to the screen. Along the way, we aim to get memorable, singular, clear performances out of our actors and crew. 

As screenwriters, we’ve recently been through the bootcamp that is developing a long-form show with a US network, and are proud to have not died yet. We believe in redrafts with a quasi-religious fervour.

Like all modern media professionals, we can also shoot, edit, schedule, cater, compose music and gently negotiate with council rangers about the minutiae of filming permits.

All in all, Backseat Rebel is the umbrella under which I can be a hands-on, hot-blooded creative producer, work with my friends and make funny, surprising work. And then relax afterwards. Love the beach and a brew, amiright? Ha ha ha. Yeah.