6 rooms. 6 dysfunctional relationships. 1 messed-up town. 

Psychotown is an animated series intended for mature audiences, commissioned by Mike Judge (creator of cult shows  Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hillfor The Animation Show

Each episode is a blackly comic sketch about a new set of unsettling characters: a college dude who stages a military coup without telling his flatmates; a middle manager who torments his gimp by not tormenting it; a psychiatrist trying to run a free association exercise with a particularly difficult patient. It’s Jean-Paul Satre meets The Simpsons in a shoebox.

Commissioned by The Animation Show and distributed theatrically in North America and Mexico








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Dave Carter

Nikos Andronicos

Nikos Andronicos & Dave Carter

Nikos Andronicos, Andrew Johnston, Anthony Levin, Damien Timms, Dom Fitzgerald & James McFay

Animated series  /  6 x 5 minutes  /  Cutout stop-motion  /  16:9  /  Stereo

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